Strategy for successful market introduction

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Hakkert Product Support (HPS) assists manufacturers in the successful launching of new products including chemical and organic crop protection products, fertilisers, plant strengtheners, etc..
“Large manufacturers employ people with specific knowledge and contacts in the various sectors. Smaller manufacturers and importers often do not have access to this knowledge or these contacts. Hakkert Product Support is an interesting partner, in particular for this group of companies. My background and working experience give me intimate knowledge of the sector, and I know what is required to successfully launch new products onto the market. In collaboration with the client, HPS devises a strategy for research, promotion, communication, positioning and distribution of the product. Dependent on the product and the wishes of the client, HPS targets intermediaries, growers or both. Thanks to its extensive knowledge and contacts, HPS can bridge the gap between the manufacturer and the grower and in this way stimulate the grower's demand for your product.”

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Gijsbert Hakkert

Gijsbert Hakkert
HPS stands for Hakkert Product Support. Gijsbert Hakkert is the driving force behind HPS. Gijsbert grew up in fruit growing and after studying, he performed Good Experimental Practice (GEP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) research for a wide range of crops at ‘De Bredelaar’, the research company for plant protection. From 2003 to 2014, Gijsbert worked at Bayer CropScience as a technical specialist for fruit growing, the tree nursery sector and strawberries and as technical consultant for the strawberry sector. In these positions, Gijsbert was responsible for executing research, co-determining the strategy for market introduction and the final introduction and guidance in the market. The experience gained in these positions is the foundation of the company: Hakkert Product Support (HPS)